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4.5. If a product needs to be ordered.

What is a product is out of stock that I had ordered?


If a portion or all of your order is out of stock at the time of processing, we will hold the entire order and consolidate the shipment into as few packages as possible.

If an item is ordered from a supplier, it can take an average of between 2-7 working days for the product to arrive at our shop, be received and get shipped out to you.

What does this mean for you?

You order will be held until it is complete, or until 10 working days have passed.  If in that time, your order is still not complete, we will ship out the portion that we have in stock and ship the delayed item separate at not additional charge to you.

But what if I want to cancel the special ordered part?

You may cancel the out stock item(s) from your order at anytime. Just let us know that you would prefer not to wait for the special ordered part and we will credit you back and get the in stock product shipped immediately.


We understand that our website does not show "live stock" status, and we understand that this can be inconvenient.

We strive to offer the most complete line of OEM parts, accessories and apparel and while we hope to have everything ready and in stock, we cannot physically house everything that we offer on our site.

We will work with our suppliers to get your order complete in as little time as possible.

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