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5.1. Privacy

?: Why do I need to create an account to buy product from you?

A: In order to make sure that we have accurate information on our guests, we require that an account be set up to complete a shopping transaction. This insures that we have an accurate way to reach you should problems with your order arise, as well as to make sure that the "you" using your credit card is really "you".

If for any reason you are not comfortable giving out your personal information online, we welcome you to call us toll free at 1-916-726-7334

?: How is my privacy protected?

A: All private information is kept in a secure database and sensitive information such as credit card numbers are transacted over a secure internet connection using the latest in SSL. All credit card transactions are process by Authorize.net to reduce fraud and the use of stolen cards, further protecting your personal data.

?: Will I receive Spam, will you sell or give away my information?

A: Under no circumstances will we give away or sell your information to any third parties unless it is necessary to complete your order or to communicate important information to you. That would include things like transmitting information to our credit card processing company for example, or transmitting your information to the supplier of a product you order if that product is directly shipped to you from that supplier, or if the product requires some type of customization requiring information like your name, size, etc.
We will send you our A&S Motorcycles Newsletter and Hot Deal bulletin when you register with our site. The A&S Motorcycles Newsletter is an informative email, full of stories, tips and products to keep you and your motorcycle happy, and is sent on a monthly basis. The Hot Deal bulletin is an exclusive notice of our amazing internet only deals and specials, you won't want to miss. We have HUGE buttons throughout these e-mails so you can remove yourself from these lists at any time.

* In summary, we hate spam as much or more than you do and we will not be responsible for creating any more than there already is.

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